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Deb Hennen-Bergman, M.A., LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Yoga Teacher & Meditation Instructor

Good bye LMFT & Inner Peace Therapy & Yoga. Hello ???

Thanks to all who have let me serve you as a License Marriage & Family Therapist.  I am grateful to have met such amazing, wise, & brilliant clients & colleagues.  I learned so much about life, love, healing, & resilience from each & every one of you.

Sometimes knowing what is no longer working is extremely important.  It seems transformation & awakening happens when we stop, and we reassess and realize the way we are going about life needs to be redefined.  Sometimes we even need to redefine our whole identity.

We never know when these moments are coming, and here it is.  I acknowledge this moment by following a deep voice of authenticity inside.  It seems it is my time step out of this paradigm; allow my LMFT license to expire at the end of the year; and close my private practice, Inner Peace Therapy & Yoga, on 12/31/19.

What am I going to do next?  Paradoxically, it seems the knowing of the next step arises when we have the capacity to rest in the not knowing what the next step is and to recognize this is an intimate part of the process of transformation.  Therefore, I allow change & rest here in uncertainty & insecurity.

I’ll remain available for connection & to assist with paperwork, questions, support, and resources.  Although my LMFT license expires on 12/31/19, my current website & email address will expire in Sept.  Please note my new email address:, and my phone number remains 952.457.8557.  Thanks.

Good morning from Cedar Creek Retreat!

Enjoy a peaceful sunrise on the lake today.  The ice is out, and the loons are back!!!

Cedar Creek Retreat Welcomes You!

Welcome to Cedar Creek Retreat.  Get a sense & feel for the space with this mini tour.

Listen Carefully…

Nature mirrors our True Nature.

Get to know this part of yourself, and let it change your life & the world around you.

Deb’s menu of offerings assist you to relax, soften, and orient yourself into the Deepest Silence of your being: