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The Lotus Retreat: A Dive Deep for Spiritual Seekers

The lotus represents rising and blooming above the mud to know a higher awareness consciousness that is currently awakening in the masses.

This 3-month intensive non-residential retreat is for deep spiritual practitioners and those longing for realness, truth, & liberation.  Be guided to orient your life to something deeper than ego & live with more ease in the natural unfolding.  Access a deeper wisdom & experience clarity beyond the conditions of mind.  Embody the fullness of your BEING.

This life-changing retreat takes you beyond thought, knowledge, formal education, or specific wisdom traditions.  Discover for yourself a part of you that is innate, infinite, connected, pure potentiality & beyond words:  Some traditions & religions describe it as True Nature, Self, wisdom, life force, intuition, Spirit, creativity, God, – It is a power so great, it can’t even be named.

There are no beliefs or opinions to adopt, as reality lies beyond any concepts, constructs, words & traditions. Come discover for yourself – Sense, experience, and know the truth of your being & all beings everywhere.   It will transform your life, & create a new world around you!


  • Awaken consciousness to spirit, unity, and pure potentiality
  • Learn to integrate awakening in your everyday life


  • 3 In-person monthly afternoon Group Gatherings – Carondelet Center, 1890 Randolph Ave, Rm G11, St. Paul, MN
    • Session 1 Awakening to Spirit – April 12 @ 12-4
    • Session 2: Awakening to Unity – May 10 @ 12-4
    • Session 3: Awakening to Pure Potentiality – June 14 @ 12-4
  • 3 Online monthly 1 HR FB Group Gatherings – will be recorded to view whenever
    • Session 1: Continued support of Awakening to Spirit – April 24 @ 6-7
    • Session 2: Continued support of Awakening to Unity – May 22 @ 6-7
    • Session 3: Continued support of Awakening to Pure Potentiality – June 26 @ 6-7

LEARNING METHODS: Information, Instruction, Meditations, Written Exercises, Q & A, Impact Reports, Home Contemplative Practices & Online Monthly Support

COST: $240


PAYMENT: $240 Early Bird Rate (until 4/1/29)  &  $265 Regular Rate (after 4/1/19)

1) Pay by check:  Mail check to: Deb Hennen-Bergman, 39045 Sissebakwet Shores Rd, Cohasset, MN  55721 

2) Pay Online: (Price includes 4% processing fee.) Early Bird $250 USD (until 4/1/2019). Then price is $275.00 USD

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