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Workshops Available on Request

Inner Peace Therapy & Yoga Group Supervision/Consultation Retreat:   “The Sacred Circle”

Each Sacred Circle in this series unfolds organically based on the unique needs of the retreat participants.  Take refuge; practice self-care; rest; reflect; play; and “be”.  Kindly & curiously explore “self- of –therapist” issues; participate in cases consultation (including highlighting what’s going well & offering/receiving support); uncover your innate wisdom, wholeness, and goodness; daringly share your unique talents & abilities with others in a safe & supportive community; and expand your personal & professional resources and network.  Dress comfortably, as we may do some gentle restorative yoga poses; guided imagery; and meditation.  Register for one or several Sacred Circles.

In the Trenches of Caregiving: A Profound and Practical Map of Nourishing Healthy Caregiving Practices

This scientifically grounded training is designed for professionals and family caregivers who offer help to those suffering from stress, trauma, and physical, social, and mental challenges. Learn skills to help deal with stressful situations and maintain inner resilience, so you can hold an open, compassionate space for those you care for, while also taking care of yourself. Learn strategies for balancing care for others with self-care, including developing a self-care plan.

LETTING GO OF TRANCE WORSHOP SERIES:  Awakening Joy & Passion in Modern Intimate Relationships through Yoga, Meditation, and Energy Psychology

There is nothing more beautiful, painful, or confusing than our intimate relationships.  According to Eastern philosophy, our relationships hold the key to awakening our sense of aliveness, peace, & joy.  Learn the art of intimacy, wholeheartedness, and eroticism in these inspiring & exclusive workshops. (These workshops are open and affirming to all intimate relationships.) 

1st Workshop- Debunking the Fairy Tale Romance: Redefining “Happily Ever After” and Re-Discovering Joy with Your Partner

You expected “happily ever after” and your relationship has not proven to measure up to the classic fairy tale or Cosmo romance.  What happened? What went wrong?  Deep down inside you may be disappointed, confused, and embarrassed.  You may wonder if you have been cheated, tricked, or “duped” OR is “happily ever after” an urban myth?

This enlightening workshop debunks the myths of “fairy tale” romance and explores what “happily ever after” really looks like in modern intimate relationships.   Through the ancient healing practices of yoga, meditation, and energy psychology, embrace your relationship with wisdom and compassion; discover ways to love well, and create more joyful living.

  • Investigate your intimate relationship with curiosity, kindness, and clarity
  • Learn what it means to love well and the difference between happiness and joy
  • Cultivate compassion for yourself, your partner, and your relationship
  • Set intentions of the heart through meditation and mindfulness exercises
  • Let go of unhelpful patterns, thoughts, and behaviors through meditation and energy psychology
  • Learn practices and asana (yoga poses) to cultivate courageous & heartfelt living

2nd Workshop- Sex, Love, and Desire: Exploring Eroticism in Long- Term Relationships & Re-Kindling “Hot” Passion with Your Partner

In her provocative book Mating in Captivity, Esther Perel, a psychotherapist and expert on erotic intelligence, explores the paradoxical union of current intimate relationships and sexual desire.  Perel’s book describes insightful and progressive academic theories about being erotically exposed and emotionally intimate with the same person over time.  Perel proposes long-term relationships are not the end of romance, but just the beginning.

Join us for a bold, enlightening, and stimulating workshop based on Perel’s landmark book.  Shed light on sexual myths and challenge traditional views about lust & desire in long-term relationships in radical and fundamental ways.  Through the ancient healing practices of yoga, meditation, and energy psychology, find out how to re-kindle that hot flame between you and your lover in imaginative ways. (Reading the book is NOT a prerequisite for attending this workshop.)

  • Explore theories of modern intimacy, love, and sex
  • Increase erotic intelligence: the essence, pitfalls, and dance of eroticism
  • Learn ways to bring erotic vitality back into your life/relationship through active engagement and willful intent

YOGA PSYCHOTHERAPY WORKSHOPS:  Heal Thyself: A Holistic Approach to Treating Depression & Anxiety with Yoga & Meditation  

The therapeutic use of yoga & meditation in treating mental health issues is quickly gaining popularity in empirical research.  There are a growing number of ground-breaking studies showing yoga & meditation not only effectively treat depression & anxiety, they also serve to protect us from such mental health conditions.   In addition, current research in neuroscience shows we can actually train our brains toward ease, contentment, kindness, & compassion.  (Instructor is Deb Hennen-Bergman MA, LMFT:  Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist /Yoga Instructor & owner of Inner Peace Therapy & Yoga.)

  • Understand Depression & Anxiety from an Eastern Philosophical Perspective
  • Discover the therapeutic use of yoga & meditation in treating depression & anxiety
  • Learn practices, poses, pranayama (breathing), & meditation to support your innate healing from depression & anxiety and to restore your natural balance, health, & well-being
  • Train your brain toward stillness, ease, contentment, balance, & compassion


WINTERIZING with Yoga:  A “Playshop” for your Senses

Delight your senses with this life feeling yoga retreat.  Explore attitudes, beliefs, and reactions towards the coldest season of the year.  Learn to recognize frozen patterns in your body, so you can enjoy a more delicious existence!  Welcoming all that is cold and distant in you to sit by the fire of your warm & gentle heart.

This time of year can bring up resistance in our bodies and sometimes a sense of resignation in our minds.  We might experience winter as something to “get through”, so we can resume better living in the spring!  Through a variety of centering techniques, gentle yoga, and deep relaxation, we will reacquaint ourselves with our bright spirits within. Experience the magic of winter from the inside out.

Join Deb and Holly for 3-1/2 enchanting hours of yoga, meditation, relaxation, aromatherapy, and discussion. Bring water, comfortable clothes, and a yoga mat if you have one. Do not eat at least one hour prior to class.

About the Instructors:

Holly LaBerge discovered the life enhancing benefits of yoga in 1994 while completing a BA in Speech & Hearing Science.   Drawn to know more about the body and creating ease, she became a massage therapist in 1998. She was certified in Dharma yoga and meditation in 2002. Her favorite way to learn yoga is by spending time in yoga communities where all aspects of yogic living are emphasized.

 Deb Hennen-Bergman, MA, LMFT, is a holistic Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Yoga Instructor.  Her Integrative Therapy, Yoga, and Educational Programs blend Western Psychology with Eastern Contemplative Approaches to address your mind, body, and spirit.  She empowers clients and students to live mindfully and intentionally, fully in the present, experiencing contentment and fulfillment in everyday life.

Holistic Journey to Inner Peace – 4 session course:  

Feeling empty, unfulfilled, alone, hectic, stressed or stuck with your life’s situation?  Searching for greater purpose, meaning, connection and joy?  Inner Peace Therapy and Yoga now offers Holistic Journey to Inner Peace.  This four session experiential course will support and guide you to:

*Uncover your source of wisdom, understanding, and compassion

*Ease mental, physical, and emotional stress

*Move through life with greater freedom and finesse

*Find contentment, joy, and harmony within yourself & others

Holistic Journey to Inner Peace is designed to restore your mind, body, and spirit through heartfelt reflection, experience, discussion, and connection with others.  Ease into fall feeling happy, whole and peaceful.

Attendance at all sessions is highly encouraged to facilitate a compassionate and cohesive environment for each participant.

Play With Your Partner Workshop:

Remember the days you and your partner spent lots of time laughing, playing, and goofing around?   Think back to how great it felt to hang out, do nothing special, and yet feel connected and care free.  Do you wonder what happened to those good ol’ days and the fun times you two shared?  How did life get so heavy, and you forgot to how to have fun together?  Is it possible to rekindle that playfulness? To share joy and bliss again with your partner?

Why not give it a try???  Imagine what could happen if you temporarily set aside life’s stresses and took a few moments to reconnect with your partner in playful, joyful, and tender ways?  Think about how it could feel to relax into a renewed sense of delight and pleasure!

This lighthearted workshop will offer you and your partner an opportunity to laugh, play, and reconnect.  Experience a renewed sense of fun and appreciation as you are guided through a variety of activities to restore and reawaken the joy you two share.

Note:  This workshop is open and affirming to all relationships.