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Upcoming Offerings: Supervision, Retreats, Workshops, CEU’s



Deb offers integrative individual, group supervision, and clinical consultation as well as gentle reflective retreats that count towards CUE’s & LMFT, LPC, & LPCC Group Supervision hours.  Her passion is to support therapists/healers to move through life and work feeling more balanced & peaceful.  Please contact her at or 952.457.8557 with questions and to find out more.


Introduction to a Mind-Body-Spirit Healing Approach through Yoga & Meditation

The therapeutic use of yoga & meditation in treating mental health issues is quickly gaining popularity in empirical research.  There are a growing number of ground-breaking studies showing yoga & meditations not only effectively treat mental health issues, they also serve to protect us from such conditions.   In addition, current research in neuroscience shows we can actually train our brains toward ease, contentment, kindness, & compassion.  Join us for this intimate, exclusive, & holistic supervision/consultation retreat.  Our peaceful setting offers you a safe place to relax, check in with yourself, & practice some gentle self-care.  (Earn CEU’s/Group Supervision Hours-LMFT, LPC & LPCC.)

  (FULL)   Friday, Oct 6, 2017   8:40-4:430  St Paul, MN



In the Trenches of Therapy: A Profound and Practical Map of a Nourishing Healthy Practices as You Offer Your Help to the Well-Being of Others

butterfly rockThis scientifically grounded training is designed for therapists and other mental health professionals, who offer help to those suffering from stress, trauma, and physical, social, and mental health challenges. Learn and practice skills to help deal with stressful situations and maintain inner resilience, so you can hold an open, compassionate space for your clients, while also taking care of yourself.  Learn strategies for balancing care for others with self-care, including developing a self-care plan. Our relaxed & intimate setting offers you a safe and supportive learning environment that allows you to connect with yourself in deep, kind, and profound ways.  Practice self-care as the foundation of your work, and apply Eastern contemplative healing practices with others.  (Earn CEU’s/Group Supervision Hours towards LMFT, LPC, & LPCC licensure.)

 Friday, Jan 12th 2018    8:30-4:30    St Paul, MN



Maximize Resilience through the Therapeutic Use of Yoga and Meditation  

This exclusive & life-affirming retreat will to support you in facilitating personal and professional practical applications of yoga and meditation to balance the mind, body, and spirit for deep & profound healing.  Through individual & small group activities, experience ancient practices, postures, and breathwork shown effective by modern science to regulate mood, resilience, and an overall sense of well-being.

Our urban refuge offers you a safe, supportive, gentle, and deeply engaging learning environment that allows you to seek, explore, inquire, and gently connect with yourself.  (Earn CEU’s/Group Supervision Hours towards LMFT, LPC, & LPCC licensure.)

 (FULL)    Friday, Sept 22, 2017    8:30-4:30   Bloomington, MN



The Sacred Circle Retreat 


Each Sacred Circle unfolds organically based on the unique needs of the retreat participants.  Take refuge; practice self-care; rest; reflect; play; and “be”.  Kindly & curiously explore “self- of –therapist” issues, including trusting your inner guidance; participate in cases consultation; uncover your innate wisdom, wholeness, and goodness; daringly share your unique talents & abilities with others in a safe & supportive community; and expand your personal & professional resources and network.  Dress comfortably, as we will do some gentle restorative yoga poses; guided imagery; and meditation.  (Earn Group Supervision Hours towards LMFT, LPC, & LPCC licensure.)

Friday, Nov 3, 2017  8:30-4:30    St Paul, MN 


Partnering with Shadow Retreat

Beneath the public masks we wear every day, we each have a hidden shadow side: an impulsive, wounded, or unwanted part of us that we try to ignore. The Shadow can be a source of emotional richness and vitality, and acknowledging it can be a pathway to healing and an authentic life.  In this retreat, we invite you to take a journey of self-discovery together, and learn ways to discover, explore, and integrate shadow, so we can live & serve from wholeness.  (Earn CEU’s/Group Supervision Hours towards LMFT, LPC, & LPCC licensure.)


  (FULL)   Friday, Dec 1, 2017   8:30-4:30   St Paul, MN



(New!) Supporting Our Supervisors – Mini Retreat

The complexities of being a supervisor can be stressful, demanding & isolating.  Please join fellow supervisors for a mini-retreat of reflection, self-care & connection.  We will mutually explore & discover ways to rest our hearts, bodies, & minds to directly meet experience with a sense of grounded stillness no matter what difficult situation, person, or emotions you encounter.

As we care for ourselves, we are a natural source of healing for our supervisees, clients & families they serve, and all.

  Friday, Oct 13, 2017   10-2:00   Cohasset, MN

Registration Now Open.  Click Here.

Earn 4 CEU’s (MN Board of MFT CE:2016-354)  This course may be used only to satisfy the CE requirements for individuals who are already Board-approved supervisors.  It may not be used to meet the 30 hour training requirement found in Minn. Rule 5300.0160.)


Coffee With Deb – Opportunities for FREE Group Supervision – LMFT, LPC & LPCC 

A wise supervisee once challenged me to offer FREE supervision, so everyone has equal opportunity to become fully licensed despite economic or employment status.  Therefore, this offering is inspired by her insight, care, & social consciousness.  Thanks, Gwen.

Grab a warm beverage, and join me for Coffee with Deb.  In this FREE Group Supervision experience, you are personally invited to come as you.  The focus of Coffee with Deb is to begin the day caring for yourself, so you can serve others from Inner Stillness & Wisdom.  Therefore, each group will start with brief self-reflection followed by Q&A.   All are welcome. 

Thurs, Nov 2, 2017   9-11   Richfield, MN

Thurs, Dec 7, 2017   9-11   Grand Rapids, MN



Women’s Weekend Nature, Intuition, & Mindfulness Retreat for Therapists, Helpers, and Healers: Spiral Deep Within to Serve Others from Abundance, Love, and Wisdom

Surround yourself with the beauty & magnificence of nature in Northern MN. Let the animals, woods, and water calm & nourish your mind, body, & soul.  Discover the solace & teachings of the natural world, and experience nature’s powerful healing benefits in this holistic weekend mindfulness retreat.

This integrative women’s weekend retreat offers an intimate setting to listen deeply to our bodies, minds, and hearts without the distractions of everyday life.   In the safety of this co-created weekend container, we grow self-care, & learn to let go of the struggles that obstruct our ability to experience the freedom, peace, & joy that exist in every moment.


Bergman’s Cedar Creek Retreat-Deb’s home –near Grand Rapids, MN

Spring 2018 (Date TBD)


The Pursuit of Happiness…. & Its Trap on Us??!!!   A Revolutionary Mini-Retreat for All Seekers of Bliss

Do you work hard, strive & struggle to obtain happiness, peace, and fulfillment only to find they simply elude you?  Are you exhausted & tired of getting pushed & pulled around by the ups & downs of life?  Is there a secret map to everlasting bliss???

Join us for an enlightening evening of rest & reflection.  In this mini-retreat, learn to let go of struggle; be STILL; ground into something deeper than all that pursuing, achieving, & striving, and realize the Truth to Inner Peace & Well-Being.

Leave this transformative workshop with key tools to BEconnected, content, & FREE.


Thurs, Nov 2, 2017    6:00-8:30   St. Paul, MN

Thurs, Oct 26, 2017   6:00-8:30   Cohasset, MN


Hear what past participants say about the Inner Peace Therapy & Yoga Retreats/Workshops:

“I cannot speak highly enough of the quality and value of these retreats.  Deb integrates a mind-body-spirit approach which is lacking in many supervision experiences.  She offers insight and leadership through her own integration of yoga and meditation in treating mental health issues.  In the retreats I learned excellent and practical therapeutic interventions for clients, as well as being given the opportunity to explore “self-as- therapist.”  I left at the end of the day renewed and revitalized  and with increased energy to do healing work with the families and couples I see, as well as a few  hours closer to licensure!  If you are looking for a unique and invigorating supervision experience, I recommend these retreats to you!”  -C.F.

“Deb makes learning fun & relaxing.” -J.W.

“I learned & practiced what I learned.  It was wonderful.  I have more hope & energy for my clients.” –J.C.B.

“This was a beautiful opportunity to turn in and really delve deep into my pure essence & bring forth all that I am in Truth.”  J.E.

“I now feel more confident to practice psychotherapy from a deep place of Truth & knowingness.” –D.R.

“This retreat helped me rediscover myself with what really matters in the work I do.  It’s hard to put words on the experience & peace I found.” –K.H.

“This was a truly amazing opportunity for deep self-exploration & reflection in a safe, gentle, supportive environment.  Thank you for letting me be me.” -W.B.

“This retreat helped me feel wholeness I did not know I was holding within.  I learned so much about myself and feel so empowered to be an even more helpful guide to clients in their journeys.  This retreat will be with me for a long time and has shifted my perspective in such a renewing way.” S.A.