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Yoga is not what you think.

Yoga has little to do with contorting your body into a pretzel shape or standing on your head.  The deeper teachings say yoga is a state of alignment in mind, heart, body, thought, speech, etc. and can be practiced anywhere at anytime. When we come into this internal state of grounded stillness, we are able to respond responsibly to life rather than to react.  

We can practice being in a state of yoga anytime while standing, sitting, walking, eating, reading, working, talking, etc., and we can gradually add more and more moments of alignment until we move through our whole day feeling awake, peaceful, grounded, centered, and open.  (The real purpose of yoga is complete internal freedom & liberation.)  Aaahhh……

May we Live & Serve from the Awakening Heart

Be inspired with this On Being talk by Congressman John Lewis on the intricate art of  Love In Action”.  

Journey into Light: Yoga/Shamanic Retreat – Change of Date

Due to a scheduling conflict, this two-day integrative Healing the Healers Retreat at the Arboretum has been changed to April 27-28, 2017.

MWP Growth Series:

Stillness, Truth, and Listening to Your Inner Guidance: Empowering the Divine Feminine

Women, even psychotherapists, so often find themselves defaulting to old messages, i.e., listen, be small, follow rules, be nice and be quiet. The workshop will help participants connect with their intuitive ways of knowing, often referred to as the Divine Feminine, and bring this into their professional work.  Through exercises and discussion, we will reflect on the ways that we can challenge rigid guidelines while still maintaining ethical standards in our work with clients. The workshop will help participants better manage negative reactivity and instead be able to define their own principles of holistic practice.

March 9, 2017    Noon-1:30

Family Tree Clinic Building, 1619 Dayton Ave, Lower Level Conf. Rm, St. Paul, MN 55104