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Today’s Quote


Be the most ethical, the most responsible,
the most authentic you can be with every
breath you take, because you are cutting a
path into tomorrow that others will follow.   KEN WILBER


It seems many of us have spent decades, healing, meditating, & continually working on ourselves, –AND– some of us (like me) have been waiting, hoping, longing, & praying for the magical day when it all comes together and we finally cross the finish line!!!
I recently had a “hit” of insight that there is no end point, no finish line; no point of no edge to face; no solid ground to rest; no comfort to land, as the ground of our being is infinite:  We are always BEING (Infinite) & always BECOMING (human expression of the Infinite).  Whether we know it or not, each on of us already has (and always had) exactly what we need in the ground/source of our being to live in alignment with the natural unfolding of life.  Each one of us is a fierce, bold, authentic, fresh, inspired, & unique expression of life!          
I also understand from my own experience that my fixed view of I will act/do when I feel safe, secure, & confident is simply myth!  It seems we are here to orient ourselves to the
Silence/Stillness/Ground of our Being/Intuition-not the arising and passing of thoughts, emotions, opinions, & beliefs.  These phenomena come & go, so they cannot be ultimate Truth?!  
I wonder if maybe the time is now to start living fiercely in the vulnerability & aliveness of the deepest part of us-which is GREAT POWER?!  

Happy PALentine’s Day!

Small gestures of kindness make a BIG Difference.  May we all share a little love today.

Know the POWER Within

If you want to build a ship, don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work but rather, teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.
I am back to work and on FIRE!  My deepest intention is to guide people in knowing the infinite immensity & power Within.  From my own experience, this orientation is life affirming & deeply transforming!  New retreats, workshops, and offerings are soon to come!