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New Healthy You Expo: Celebrate the New Year with a Healthier You

health fairBe healthier in the new year. Please join us for FREE yoga, massage, snacks, great door prizes, gift certificates for free services, nutrition information,  & healthy recipes. Lots of health professionals  will be available to provide information and answer questions on ways to get and stay healthy.
When: Thursday, January 24, 11am – 7pm        
Where: Southtown Office Park, 1st Floor Conference Room, 8120 Penn Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55421 
Sponsored by Southtown Office Park’s Holistic, Health, and Healing Professionals Group     

Feeding the “Hungry Ghost”: A “Playshop” for Pleasure Seekers

This workshop is designed for those of you who are on a never-ending quest for peak experiences, wonderful things, and stimulating events yet continue to discover your insatiable desires are never fully satisfied!  If this pursuit of happiness leaves you feeling disappointed and experiencing daily life as mundane, uninteresting, and lacking, this informative and practical workshop will transform your life & your relationship to “constant craving”.  Grounded in brain science and psychology, learn how to tame this “hungry ghost” and transform your everyday experiences into genuine happiness.  This workshop teaches practical, effective, & useful strategies for increasing your awareness and inclining your mind towards joy.  Gain knowledge to lead your emotional life towards contentment and delight even during difficult & stressful times. (Taught by a recovering pleasure seeker with insatiable desires and psychotherapist too, Deb Hennen-Bergman, MA, LMFT)

                                       Saturday, April 14th from 2-3:15pm      $20     

  Register: Deb Hennen-Bergman at / 952.457.8557      

                        Nokomis Yoga,  2722 E. 50th St, Mpls, MN  55417 / 612.770.2467       


Workshop for Perfectionists & Over-Achievers:


This workshop is designed for all Type A personalities.  Learn simple techniques to ease tensions and discover ways to let go of unrealistic expectations and your never-ending “to-do” list.  Practice gentleness, relaxation, self-acceptance, and self-compassion through gentle yoga, breathing, meditation, and psychology which all aims to help you let go of your high standards & stressful “striving”.  Take a break from “doing” & allow yourself to experience “being”.

             Sunday, March 25th from 2-3:15pm         $20 

   Nokomis Yoga, 2722 E. 50th St., Mpls, MN  55417  

Register: Deb Hennen-Bergman at / 952-457-8557  





WINTERIZING with Yoga: A “Playshop” for your Senses

This time of year can bring up resistance in our bodies and a sense of resistance in our minds.  We might experience winter as something to “get through”, so we may enjoy better living in the spring.  Join Deb & Holly for this enchanting 3.5 hour retreat, where we will get reacquainted with our bright spirits within.  Experience the magic of the coldest season & discover how to deepen your sense perceptions and feelings of aliveness.  Luxuriate in mind/body centering techniques, gentle yoga, guided relaxation, and aromatherapy.  Warm your heart and all that is frozen within during this contemplative practice. 

When: Sat, Feb. 4th from 2-5:30 PM

Location: Nokomis Yoga, 2722 E. 50th St, Minneapolis, MN  55417

Register: Holly LaBerge at 612.387.2522 or

Fee: $60

About the Instructors:

Holly LaBerge discovered the life enhancing benefits of yoga in 1994 while completing a BA in Speech & Hearing Science.   Drawn to know more about the body and creating ease, she became a massage therapist in 1998. She was certified in Dharma yoga and meditation in 2002. Her favorite way to learn yoga is by spending time in yoga communities where all aspects of yogic living are emphasized.  

Deb Hennen-Bergman, MA, LMFT, is a holistic Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Yoga Instructor.  Her Integrative Therapy, Yoga, and Educational Programs blend Western Psychology with Eastern Contemplative Approaches to address your mind, body, and spirit.  She empowers clients and students to live mindfully and intentionally, fully in the present, experiencing contentment and fulfillment in everyday life.