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Need Help? Take our Quiz

flowersEveryone is presented with a variety of life’s challenges, and at times people have difficulty overcoming some of them. Here are 10 questions to help you see if you could benefit from therapy:

  1. Does it seem like everyone around you is happy living a life similar to yours, but something is missing for you?
  2. Do you wonder what happened to the content/happy person you used to be?
  3. Do you wonder if something is wrong with you, because you think you should feel fulfilled about your life situation?
  4. Do you feel stuck, hopeless, or stressed with your life situation?
  5. Do you wonder if there may be a greater purpose to your life?
  6. Are you frustrated that you have not been able to solve your “problem” and move from your unhappiness/discontentment?
  7. Are your friends and family tired of hearing about your discontent; do you feel they don’t understand?
  8. Do your friends and family offer you advice that just isn’t right for you?
  9. Are you wondering where to turn or who you can trust?
  10. Do you wish you had someone to talk to that wouldn’t judge you?

Answer:  Your challenges are opportunities for growth.

Goal: Your goal is Inner peace.

How do you find it? Call Inner Peace Therapy today at 952-457-8557 to schedule a 15 minute phone consultation at no charge to see if our services fits your needs.  

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